Brett Andrew Strange

Against The Dusk

Against The Dusk

It was a cold night when Paul Drake, an Iraq War veteran, wandered into the Zephyr Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. Little did Paul realize then that his chance encounter with Katerina Volkova would spark an unlikely but fated romance. An ongoing government investigation soon thrusts them both into a treacherous world of Russian power plays, double agents, and illicit chemical weapons sales. The stakes quickly escalate to a wider geopolitical stage as Paul aligns with unlikely allies. A lethal network of war profiteers working in the shadows aim to prolong the chaos - no matter the human cost.


Customer Says

I really enjoyed reading this book. The female character is very interesting. The author did a good job describing political power battles and their impact on societies. There are many plot twists, easy to read.
Amazon Customer
Fast paced thriller with an existential style
I thoroughly enjoyed Against the Dusk with its thoughtful narrative and a thrilling storyline filled with mystery, murders, geopolitics, betrayals, and…art. I am looking forward to the sequel.
Mia L.
5.0 out of 5 stars Thought-provoking and memorable thriller
I found this novel to be an engaging and interesting page turner. The characters had depth and there were elements of realism that made it relatable. An example, the main character is not someone you might expect to get involved in messy extra-legal international affairs. But the manner in which it occurs is entirely plausible, with certain reasonable choices leading to that extraordinary result. There are also a number of murders and near-murders that occur in especially realistic ways--not graphic or melodramatic, but in the sudden and straightforward manner that it might actually happen, at the hands of a focused and malevolent antagonist. The protagonists are also relatable in that they are basically good and want to do the right things, but have self-interests and are imperfect. And the antagonists are not cartoon villains--they are flawed humans who have made choices that have led them to take actions that they probably consider reasonable, but which are clearly evil. Overall, the novel was an interesting and compelling adventure, with vivid moments that will remain with you long after. It made me grateful that my life is relatively free of intrigue!
Daniel Juliano
compelling adventure with vivid memorable moments
I just couldn’t put the book down. So captivating. Great story development. I really enjoyed reading it.
Kitiya Ditpare
A very enjoyable read. The development of the characters and story was excellent. Looking forward for more to come.