Brett Andrew Strange



Encounters is a curated collection of six contemporary short stories set across three continents. The stories reflect disparate adventures in a globalized, rapidly changing world: a young couple discovers the luxurious allure of Monte Carlo’s Grand Casino, a woman from San Francisco reveals an inspirational uncle’s secrets, a Bangkok expatriate lives out a night of excess, and a Russian immigrant navigates her unique New World voyage. Each story shines a different, up-close perspective on a lived moment in a certain place and time.


Customer Says

I enjoyed these stories very much, reveries of the halcyon days of the urban globalist American, the idealism of the Washington Consensus waving in one hand while the other gropes into the more distant and murky cultural past and transforming future. Brett Strange has taken a fascinating assortment of eclectic and motley characters and woven them into a series of narratives as complex and interconnected as globalization itself, with all of the theoretical ideals and practical and often unintended consequences. Reminiscent of Maugham a century later and different, these tales take a great look at the romanticism and pragmatism that inspire global encounters and how the ends rarely resemble the intentions.
A delightful experiential romp around the unexpected connections of the world